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This brush is specifically designed for advanced makeup application to help achieve professional looks. The densely packed hair and structured shape achieve flawless dimension along the cheekbones, forehead, and jawline for targeted contouring.


Perfect for using with pressed or loose bronzer powder, liquids, and creams to create beautiful sculpting all over the face.


This cruelty-free brush is made with 100% animal hair-free, synthetic bristles.


       HOW TO USE

  • pply the contouring cream or powder using the sides of the brush for a natural blend or use the top of the brush for fuller coverage.
  • Blend using back and forth motions to blur harsh lines.

e.l.f contouring brush

J$800.00 Regular Price
J$600.00Sale Price

No return/exchange unless the product is damaged by the actions of The Girl in You 

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